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Bunessan Scotland

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Information on the village of Bunessan in Scotland.

The Ross of Mull Historical Centre
Ionad Eachdraidh An Rois Mhuilich

The Ross of Mull Historical Centre, Bunessan

Sited on the roadside to the east of the village next to Bunessan old mill, the group was set up in response to worldside demand from those seeking their roots in the Ross of Mull. Being an area from which many have emigrated, willingly or otherwise, throughout the centuries, there are many overseas whose bloodline started in the Ross of Mull and who are now researching their origins, genealogical and historical.

As interest has grown, so the need for a resource in the local community into which information and material from around the world could be placed, so that others could access it, became apparent. From this need, grew the Ross of Mull Historical Centre.

In 1997, a Steering Group was formed and in 1998 a portakabin was made available as a temporary measure until a permanent building could be made available.

In addition to being a resource of received information, the group realised that the collection of existing records etc from the area was essential, so that it could make itself a one-stop-shop for information on the Ross. ROMHC are currently working on the interpretation of all aspects of of the Ross of Mull - genealogical, archaeological, built and social heritage, geology, flora and fauna. By using historical documents, census records, passenger lists, family histories and the physical remains of the many deserted townships on the land, the group can build a picture of life before and during the time of the Clearances which stripped the area of its most valuable asset - the people.
This linking of the people of bygone days to the place, brings the ancestors of those seeking their roots back to life.

With the help of a grant from the Scottish Land Fund & Community Land Unit we were able to purchase the Old Mill & Cottage, Bunessan in 2001.

This new building opened in May 2009, and is an excellent example of what a historical group can do to make local history available to the wider public. In addition to a room containing reference and research resources, the larger room has first class display boards. Well laid out, with excellent reproductions of old photographs, the boards give an overview of the Ross of Mull over the past 200 years.

The centre is open April to October, Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm.

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For contact information log onto: www.romhc.org.uk

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