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Bunessan Scotland

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Information on the village of Bunessan in Scotland.

Dunara Castle

Being part of a long chain of islands up the west side of Scotland, supplies came to the Ross from Glasgow by boat. Bunessan was the unloading point for the cargo for the south end of Mull.
In the early days, the boats were all open to the elements and as a result much of the cargo was damaged en route, so when the opportunity to make use of a modern bigger ship arose this was seized eagerly.
The "Dunara Castle" was built by Blackwood and Gordon of Port Glasgow for Martin Orme and Company. She sailed the west coast for almost 70 years from her launch in 1875, carrying both cargo and passengers. She called at Bunessan on a Tuesday evening, returning on a Friday en route for the Outer Isles. Once a year, she also went out to St Kilda, bringing the islanders into Bunessan for their annual shopping.

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